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The Rwandan contingent from the International Association of Athletics Federation Under20 World Championships jets back into the country on Tuesday 26th July Afternoon after competing in the above mentioned competition.

The team arrives around 1pm after Breaking same National Junior Records on 10,000m Men by Myasiro Jean Marie Vianney, and 10,000m Women by Nyirarukundo Salome.

Characteristic with Rwanda Athletics Federation’s tradition, the team will got a worm welcome message by the Federation’s Authorities During the outing in Poland, The Rwanda team comprised of five athletes who were to compete in five disciplines. It is a pleasure to mention that among the five athletes, there were three female athletes who has competitive times. The athletes were Sugira James, who was the captain of the team and competed in 1500m, Nishinwe Beata, who competed in 1500m, Iribagiza Honorine who competed in 800m, Nyirarukundo Salome who competed in 5000m and Myasiro Jean Marie Vianney who competed in 10000m.

Team Rwanda started to compete on the first day of the competition with Sugira James, Irigabiza Honorine and Myasiro Jean Marie Vianney going on track for the 1500m, 800 m heats and 10000m finals respectively. Sugira and Iribagiza didn’t qualify for the semi-finals. They did 3:51.32 and 2:12.30 respectively. This was below their personal best times and a backward performance was noticed from the two. Myasiro did the finals direct and came as number 11 and clocked 26:26.16 setting his personal best and a new national under 20 record. His performance is good and maintained the pace with the leading pack until the last three laps. Nishimwe Beata, competed well in 1500m, and she qualified for the final after coming up as number 3 in the heats. In the finals, Nishimwe clocked 4:12.33 and came as number 6. Her performance was extremely good even though she didn’t produce her personal best.

Last to compete was Nyirarukundo Salome, who competed in the 5000m and clocked 15:57.68 and this was a new under 20 national record. Her performance was tremendous ; she had been down sick with cough for three days prior to the competition.

Overall, the performance of the team was very good and the team spirit kept high. We had three finals that met our objective and set two under 20 national records. Competing and making it to the finals has given the federation prospect for a near future capability of winning a medal at an internal scene.

The scintillating performance by the juniors will no doubt add impetus to the senior team that is on its final preparations ahead of the Olympic Games coming up next month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rwanda Athletics Federation

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