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Nyirarukundo Salome wona bronze medal.

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The 27th edition of Silvesterlauf, is a New Year’s Eve race held in the southwestern German city of Trier this last year the event held on Sunday 31st 2016. The race attracts the best German runners, international athletes, and senior citizens to celebrate the conclusion of the year. Over 10,000 participated in the event that was comprised of different categories ; the women competition (5km), men competition (8km), Women Fun run of 5km, men Fun run of 8km, 1km competition of kids male and females. Out of competitors more than 15,000 citizens of Trier and tourist were around the course of one Kilometer circuit to support runners.

Two competitors from Rwanda Myasiro Jean Marie Vianney and Nyirarukundo Salome competed in 5km and 8km.

Nyirarukundo Salome finished third in the women’s race after using a total of 16 minutes and 14 seconds after Klosterhalfen, Konstanze from Germany born in 1997 who won the Gold Medal with 16 Minutes 5second and Savina Nina from Beligian born in 1993 who won a Silver medal with 16minutes and 12 seconds. The Fouth place was taken by a Kenyan born in 1990 Mmboga Medugu, Sylvia with 16:32.

In the 8km Men, Myasiro Jean Marie Vianney finished number 6 with 23:24, after the following winners :

1st Getaneh, Tamire(1984) from Ethiopia with 22:50 2nd Dazza, Mahjoub (1991)from Bahrein with 22:53 3rd Pflieger, Philipp(1987)from Germany with 23:11 4th Komon, Leonard(1988) from Kenya with 23:17 5th 23:22 Orth, Florian (1989) from Germany with 23:22

Rwandan athletes were challenged by the weather, as it was their first experience to compete outside of the stadium in a weather of under 0 degree with snows.

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